Friday, August 20, 2010

I like chihuahuas and Chinese noodles

A portion of my current musical identity is tightly bound up in early music by the B52s. It is great! I can't stop listening. And it repays. This is a nourishing hit-play-over-and-over obsession.

I get Cindy Wilson, now, by the way. I didn't before. I was always a Kate Pierson person--still am--but I didn't really get why Cindy was revered. She stood out much less strongly to me, somehow, including in her looks. But now I totally get it. That long-necked slinky slightly tortured Southern gothic girl-group extremely talented warbley vibratoed thing she has.

(clockwise: "Dirty Back Road," "Give Me Back My Man," "Song for a Future Generation," and "Downtown" at the Downtown Cafe in Athens in 1978 pix for video links)